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Permanent, Easy and Cost Effective Animal Tattooing
Animal Tattooing
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Trusted by government, university and corporate laboratories throughout the world since 1979.

Welcome! And thank you for your interest in AIMS™ animal tattoo identification products.

AIMS™ has been working with lab animal users and scientists on their lab animal identification needs since 1979. Our extensive experience in animal tattoo identification allows our customers to easily and quickly apply tattoo identification when managing animal colonies and conducting sophisticated research experiments.

Over the years, AIMS™ has developed tattooing systems that are easy to use, cost effective and most importantly, a tattoo system that produces permanent identification tattoos. Lab animal tattooing is our only business.

AIMS™ is well known in the industry for:
  • Custom heavy duty equipment developed just for lab animal tattooing.
  • Tattooing pigments which are safe and effective in lab animals.
  • Tattooing techniques that are humane and minimize pain and stress.
  • Quality, easy to read, permanent tattoos.
  • Rapid equipment service and repair.
  • Extended equipment warranty and service plans available.
  • GLP compliant tattoo certification programs (at time of purchase or after).
  • Unlimited technical support.
  AIMS™ Animal Tattoo Systems
NEO-9 Neonate Rodent Tattoo System The New NEO-9 Neonate Tattooing System was developed just for tattooing P0 - P15 neonate rodents of any color/strain. This comprehensive tattoo ID kit comes complete with...
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Please browse our Web site to learn more about our Animal Identification and Marking Systems. We look forward to working with you and your group on your animal identification needs.

AIMS™ comprehensive tattoo system can be used to tattoo all of your research animals.
  • Used extensively in academic, private, industrial and government research facilities in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and around the World..
  • Let AIMS™ take the hassle out of your tattooing!
  • It's a small investment for some very important animals.


The cost of disposable items used in tattooing is on average 5-6 cents per adult animal.


Anyone with eyesight can read a number on a tail and there is no need to remove animals from caging to read numbers. No special transponder reader is required.


The AIMS™ system provides tattoos that are permanent and legible for the life of the animal. Tails do not fall off like ear tags. Tails can be saved in formalin with tissues as an additional means of tissue identification.

AIMS™ tattooing is the most humane method available for identifying neonate and adult research animals.

Versatile Newborn mice (1 day old) can be identified with permanent tattoos.


Almost anyone can be trained to be a competent animal tattooist by completing the AIMS™ tattoo certification program. This hands-on training takes the guesswork out of tattooing, and can be purchased with an AIMS™ Lab Animal Tattoo System. There is also a FREE self-training kit included with each purchase..


Unique tattoo equipment and tattooing aids developed by AIMS™ allow labs to mark up to 200 mice per hour.


AIMS™ tattoo equipment is heavy duty and built exclusively for the laboratory environment. AIMS™ equipment will last as long as you're working with animals. Each system comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty and you will not have to re-invest in additional equipment.

AIMS™ - Identification Solutions for Scientists Worldwide

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